Kontaktní osoba: Václav Wegschmied

Jiráskova 106, 345 61 Staňkov II
Tel.: +420 379 492 206
E-mail: info@kamenictvistankov.cz, Web: www.kamenictvistankov.cz

Adresa dokumentu: http://kamenictvistankov.cz/en/uvod/


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We are a second generation of an exclusively family company following the prior tradition of stone-masonry in Stankov.

We cooperate with a small number of other companies and we strive to provide a complete range of products and services related to stone-masonry and we would like to present some of these products on this website.

We are able to satisfy almost all your requirements. We give priority to individual approach to the customer and precision work and quality of our products so as to provide the maximum satisfaction to the customer.

You can find a range of product samples in our show area in Stankov and we even offer the possibility of viewing them after hours on request.

During the first years we specialised in products from artificial stone, especially for gravestones. As we grew we focused on working with natural stone. As a source for production we can use local stone, but more often we import stone from sources worldwide.

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